Designer Frames
Designer Frames
We are Open As Usual During 2nd Lockdown Please call for appointments.
We are Open As Usual During 2nd Lockdown              Please call for appointments.

Contact Lens

Contact lenses provide freedom. They offer clear vision, and are extremely comfortable. In fact, modern contact lenses are so comfortable that you do not even feel them in your eyes. They can be worn for everyday normal vision, as a part time alternative to glasses or just for sports or special occasions. There are many different types of contact lenses available for virtually all prescriptions. A contact lens fitting consultation with us will ensure that you have the best contact lenses for your needs.

The Acuvue Family of Contact Lenses by Johnson & Johnson are probably the most healthy and comfortable lenses for your eyes, and are now also available as varifocal contact lenses.

Book in for a fitting with one of our optometrist and find the ideal lens for you. We also have flexible direct debit schemes or pay as you go.

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